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Company Profile

Services are offered up to 100 km from Gatineau, on call or by appointment at a specific time, depending on your preference, business hours and availability.

Service appointment time is guaranteed. In the exceptional event of a delay of more than 5 minutes, you will be notified and a 10% credit of the subtotal will be applied to the service invoice.

Martin Charbonneau carries out all the services himself using professional equipment, which allows him to ensure quality, from start to finish.

Who is Martin Charbonneau?

Martin is the owner, administrator and service man. He is professional, versatile, equipped and experienced.

Until 2009, he worked in the tourism, construction, customer service and institutional security sectors.

In April 2009, he founded Les Multi-Services Martin Charbonneau and since then he is available quickly and proud to help you.

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