Guide to electric & plug-in hybrid vehicles


With over 74 000 km traveled with an EV (electric vehicle) and with a passion for electromobility, Martin Charbonneau is proud to offer informations about electric & plug-in hybrid vehicle and canadian charging products.

Free test drive of plug-in vehicles in many regions of Quebec!

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Home charging station

Here are some great Canadian products adapted to our climate.
The information and the possibility of buying are available by clicking on the products of your choice.


Public charging station

To use most public charging stations, you must register to Electric Circuit and Charge Point to obtain an acces card.

PlugShare, Electric Circuit and Charge Point are some of tools to locate charging stations available on your way.


Further information


       These events offer the possibility of road tests

Branchez-Vous & Montreal Electric Vehicle Show


Guide to electric & plug-in hybrid vehicles